The Leadership Training and Discipleship Program is a three-year, experiential learning program for High School students. During the three years, students are taught about leadership with focuses upon personal development, social justice, evangelism, communication and teamwork through experiences in spiritual formation, cabin leading, inner-city service, mountain hiking and more. The program exists to disciple students to encounter God as life-long, transformed participants in the Kingdom.

The Vision of the LTD Program

To disciple students to encounter God as life-long, transformed participants in the Kingdom.

The key focus of the program is mentorship, experience and community. Summer begins with LTD week which is a training week set aside specifically for the LTDs. Each level has specific speakers specializing in the curriculum. During the week students are paired with other students and a summer staff guide to help navigate the week as they are taught about the bible, spirituality, personal development, leadership and how camp runs. During the summer each student has practicums where they are assigned a staff mentor and do the job that the mentor does. This may be cabin leading, climbing wall, games, kitchen, arts, worship, or any other job that happens at camp.

As students progress through the program they are expected to carry more and more of the load until in level 3 the expectation is for them to lead and for the staff mentor to be there for support. We believe that the students should be pushed and expected to try new things and allowed to grow (and fail) through the process. We teach them to lead by creating space for them to be leaders, we teach them about God by creating space where they are focussed on Him, we teach them about the bible by creating a space where it is lived out in community. Each year the students go on an out trip as a small group where they learn about God, each other and the world around them. Throughout the year there are 3 weekend retreats which are a time to gather, support each other, foster community and have heaps of fun. Also though the year the student has an adult mentor to support, challenge and pray for the student.

Here is a video that captures our LTD Training Week 2016:

A Glimpse into the LTD Program

The Essential Framework

Camps throughout the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada have developed a common curriculum for discipling students. It is called the Encountering God Framework (EGF).

The Cost of the LTD Program

The cost of the LTD program for 2017 is $950. This includes the LTD Training Week, Level Out Trip, Practicum Weeks, as well as 3 year-round retreats in the fall, spring, and winter. Each student will be provided a letter to ask their church for support as well, hopefully covering $150 of the student’s cost.

Important Dates

The following are the important dates for the LTD program:
  • Fall LTD Retreat: Sept 29-Oct 1, 2017
  • Winter LTD Retreat: January 12-14, 2018
  • Spring LTD Retreat: April 27-29, 2018
2018 LTD Summer Out Trips
  • Level 1: Farm Experience in Brownfield: Dates TBD
  • Level 2: Mountain Backpacking Trip
    • Dates TBD (1 group)
    • Dates TBD (2 groups)
  • Level 3: Edmonton Mustard Seed: Dates TBD

LTD Application Deadline

  • LTD Applications: opens December 1, 2017

How to apply for the LTD Program

Registration for the LTD program is open for 2017. To apply you must fill out an application and gather references.
    • Level 1 students need three references, one each from:
      • A pastor from your church
      • A parent or guardian
      • One other adult
Level 2 and 3 students need three references, one each from:
      • Your mentor
      • A pastor from your church
      • A parent or guardian
You can apply for the LTD Program or submit a reference form for an LTD applicant online. If you have any questions, you can contact us for more information.